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LiAM_u19 LiAM User Interface: Version u19 fixes an issue with the Bulk Add where Additional Events are automatically created for each new asset. It also fixes a bug where the new Tag reports open up as a pop-up that can be closed without closing the database..
LiAM_g04 LiAM User Guide (Powerpoint): Discover the basics of Life Cycle Asset Management and how to use the LiAM program
LiAM_t05 LiAM Upload Template: Spreadsheet formatted with the same columns that exist in LiAM. Just copy your data to the correct columns and bulk uploads/updates are easy!
LiAM_u Beta If available, click the LiAM_u Beta link to the left to test the latest development LiAM User Interface. Beta versions are deployed as is and are not fully tested.


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101 General Tour Take a quick general tour of the LiAM application 191211
102 Download/Install How to download and install the FREE TRIAL LiAM Program 191211


201 Activation How to activate your LiAM license 191211
202 Upgrade How to upgrade your LiAM License 191211
203 Reset Clear our sample data set in preparation for your go-live production use! 191211
204 New UI Enjoy FREE updates for your User Interface! Keep LiAM current! 190927
205 Backups Learn how to effectively backup your back-end database 190927
206 Training Database Learn how to re-link to the training database to practice on 190927


301 Asset Identification Why you should identify your assets and several options for doing so 190813
302 Asset Search Discover the two most popular ways to search for assets within LiAM 190929
303 Adding Assets How to add assets one at a time from the ASSET module. 190929
304 Editing Assets How to edit assets from the ASSET module 190929
305 Add/Edit Events Add and Edit Events like Warranties, Maintenance, Versions, Material, RMA's and more 190929
306 Structuring Create parent-child relationships with your assets so that all child assets are updated when the parent is updated. 190813

VIDEO RESOURCE LIBRARY - The Administration Page

401 USERS Add additional users to LiAM and assign/update their permissions 190813
402 PROGRAMS Learn how to assign program values to assets and then update user accounts to see only assigned program assets 190813


501 BULK - Add Add (upload) multiple assets to LiAM using the BULK module. 191020
502 BULK - Edit Edit (update) multiple assets at one time in the BULK module 191020
503 BULK - Transfer Use the transfer module to capture shipments, receipts and transfers and generate itemized pick lists and exports. 191020
504 AUDIT Conduct Record to Floor and Floor to Record audits to keep your database in sync with your asset population 190813
505 LIBRARY Expand on key elements of your database including catalogs, locations, people, contracts and programs. 190813
506 CONFIG Create and configure user-defined fields and events as needed to tailor LiAM to your exact environment. 190813
507 REPORT Create Access Reports or Datasheets that can be copied/pasted to Excel In Progress