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*Mobile Devices

LiAM is a DESKTOP program, not a MOBILE app.  To try LiAM, you MUST download and install it on an office workstation and one that preferably has the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Office.


LiAM works best on a single workstation or on a corporate local area network (multi-user).  It is possible, but not recommended, to use LiAM over a Virtual Private Network, the Internet or other remote access portals due to excessive latency.


SimpliSolv LLC makes no claims or warranties.  User assumes ALL risk associated with the download, installation, and use of this program.



We are sure you will find LiAM to be one of the most simple, powerful and affordable Asset Tracking programs on the market.

If you agree then simply activate your license from the ACTIVATE LICENSE link on the LiAM Home Page within the 30-day trial period.

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