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Designed by an Asset Manager for Asset Managers.

As a Subject Matter Expert in Asset Tracking Systems for a top-ten Defense Contractor, I work with some of the most powerful asset tracking systems available.  But while most companies have the same, if not greater need to track what they own and manage, few can afford these systems or have the resources to support them.

That's why I created LiAM. It's powerful, easy to use and scalable to fit almost any budget.  And, it brings all of the features and functions of top-tier tracking systems right to your desktop! - Ernie Sersen

Now you can track your assets like a pro saving time and money with LiAM!

LiAM is a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use asset tracking program that helps you work smarter!


  • Track essential asset data
  • Capture transaction history
  • Create unlimited fields and events
  • Provide secure, multi-user access
  • Full user customization


  • Affordable annual lease
  • Option to purchase
  • No contracts or commitments
  • No expensive annual support
  • Training and upgrades included


  • Built by a Certified Asset Manager
  • No cloud or DBA required
  • Perform bulk uploads and updates
  • Add attachments and notes
  • Drag and drop data right into Excel

CLICK HERE to get a FREE, fully functional, 30-Day Trial of the LiAM program. See for yourself how powerful and easy it is to use.


Do I need a professional Asset Tracking Solution?

If you cannot easily locate equipment that is essential to your operation, then you are wasting time and resources looking for them when they are needed.  And, if you cannot locate them you face added pressure to lease or repurchase their replacements to meet schedule.

Not tracking warranties, maintenance, calibration cycles or critical inventory levels can also adversely impact your organization resulting in premature failure, recalls and work stoppage.  And, you may be buying items that you already have available but just don't know it.

Solve ALL of these costly issues with LiAM!


LiAM is a trusted choice for organizations that buy or manage fixed assets and customer furnished equipment

Asset Tracking Software
  • Defense Contractors
  • Universities and Schools
  • Fleet Managers
  • Office / Facilities Managers
Asset Tracking Software for Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • IT Managers
Asset Tracking Software
  • Testing and Engineering
  • Airports
  • Tool Rental Companies
  • Restaurant Groups
Asset Tracking Software
  • Machine & Fabrication
  • Subcontractors
  • Builders / Trades
  • Medical / Dental Offices

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